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People with HIV

People like to read about certain topics related to diseases and medicines on blog posts these days. Numerous websites write about HIV on their blog pages. But can they all be as comprehensive and authentic as the other? There must be some differences one can be better than the other and vice versa. Therefore here are some websites that are explained and reviewed below have a look.

It’s one of the popular websites that give basics to high-level information to its reader. In this blog, many common questions have been answered very briefly. What is HIV? What is AIDS/ how is it transmitted from one another? And at last, there are some measures you can take to prevent and avoid it to transform into end-stage HIV which is also known as AIDS.

HIV is an immunodeficiency disease that is caused by HIV. It weakens your immunity. You might be thinking What is immunity? Immunity is the ability of your body to fight any foreign particle that gets into your body and tries to alter the way you’re your body should normally work. If your immunity is weakened as in the case of HIV your body is unable to fight the diseases and eventually is very susceptible to new diseases. As it cannot prevent diseases even the common flu can be a dangerous disease for people with a weak immune system.

This blog also mentions what AIDS is and how it is transmitted.

It’s also one of the websites that have very vast information regarding HIV virus and patients. As you open the website the first thing on the display is reviews and stories of the survivors of HIV. The patients with HIV have shared their experience and their plans for the future which I think is very heartwarming. Not every blog is as this on their display.

There then comes a menu pop up on the very top you click and there is the link to many questions and their answers. The questions range from as common as what is HIV to how it was discovered and can be prevented. This blog also mentions the ongoing work in the field and the treatments that are currently in practice and the ones that are in testing that might or might not be approved in the end. It has stories of the people living with HIV in the section “how to live with HIV”.

This blog is specially oriented towards how to live with HIV. It has vast reviews of people who are living with HIV and has shared their experiences. It has information regarding the early diagnosis of the disease and the following treatment it also shares the information about the possible side effects of the drugs that are being used. Every stage would require different measures and this blog have that thing sorted accordingly.

It has written about treatment for different age groups that are patients of HIV including children and older members. It has emphasized how to take care of yourself and your mental health. Mental health no matter how many times is ignored always plays the most important role no matter what the situation is.

It very well-organized and easy-to-understand blog. It has all the basic information available on the front display page. The overview on the disease, the treatments, and then there are some newsletters related to HIV and related consequences. It also has made the information available regarding the treatments that are used currently for curing it.

It’s a very simple website with no extra understanding, nothing is available. It is very straightforward to the point.

This website is briefer about creating a safe space for the affected people. It has options on the very top such as what is HIV and it's testing/treatments. It also has newsletters and information regarding the community of such people living with HIV. In the options like “learn about HIV” and “living with HIV,” many stories are shared that you can relate to or get the motivation from.

It is more like a personal blog page of a guy who is living with HIV. He shares how he has accepted his body the way it is and tries to motivate people and accept the way they are just like him. He emphasized accepting and loving yourself. He believes that acceptance of something is the first step in moving forward in life.

This website is oriented towards providing authentic information about HIV and AIDS. It also is more trust and donation-based website too that is working for the treatment of many HIV patients. It also has information about what HIV is and the possible drugs that are used for its treatment.

It’s an ongoing organization in the United States that is working for the justice and social equity of the people living with HIV. It also takes donations for the cause. Many newsletters and resources are made available on the website for information purposes. They also have an about us section in which they have written briefly about their organization and its motives.

This website requires you to accept their terms and conditions before they make your information available to the viewer. It respects your privacy. It has information and stories of living with HIV patients.

It’s a Canada-based website. It gives you an option to switch to the English or French language to get to a vast audience around the world. It gives basic information regarding HIV also has some information about hepatitis C.

They have shared about what their organization is about and what causes they are working for. They have information regarding HIV cases in the United States. These programs are running in the United States related to awareness and treatments of HIV.

It’s an organization aiming to help HIV patients in America especially targeting the black population In America. They also take donations to do the charity-based work for the welfare of the black HIV community in America. So for any info about this, do not hesitate at all and give them a visit.

This blog has answered many questions regarding HIV patients and their treatments. It’s a news post for this topic. They have provided early symptoms that people can read and relate to. They have also written about the treatments when you start noticing early symptoms. This website helps people in answering their queries and solving their confusion regarding the disease. There can be so many confusions and info which is not really clear to everyone. Well, just by visiting the website, you would be able to know so many info about everything. So for more info, do visit them.

It’s a blog that allows members to share their stories and concerns. Blogs are a great way to communicate and share your worries with people. It helps people stay positive by getting help through talking about their problems. Positivity is really something which is very rare in this world and that’s why just by visiting PositiveSingles you can get a very good idea about everything.

This website has set its goal on motivating and making people think more positively. They have shared the stories of different people and by that, they help people be rational and positive in dealing with the disease. If you would be visiting the website, then you would get to know about so many people and all.


In this article different 15 websites are listed and reviewed related to the disease AIDS and HIV. Every website has a special element that makes it more appealing to the viewers.

Every website/blog has a different approach to displaying information regarding HIV. Some blogs are more about sharing the information up to the mark. They are just concerned about the authenticity of the information. Then few personal blogs are oriented towards sharing their story to the world and helping people be motivated.

There are some blogs/websites that have shared many newsletters and allow the survivors to share their reviews and plans on the website.