In general, dating sites are a great way for people to get connected with other people who share common interests. In the modern age, it seems that more people meet partners online through social media and dating sites than they do in person, and a lot of that likely comes down to being able to cut through the middle man. With a dating site, you don't have to get all dressed up and go to a restaurant that you don't like to talk to a brand new person, only to find out that you have absolutely nothing in common and have wasted your time. Instead, right from the jump, you can give everyone on a site an idea about who you are, so that any potential partners can get a feel for whether or not the two of you would be compatible well before you even give that first hello.

This can mean things as innocuous and as basic as whether or not you smoke and drink to whether or not you want kids, but when it comes to people living with HIV, those sorts of questions aren't so simple. Finding basic compatibility with someone on a traditional dating site with the knowledge that before the two of you meet up or even think about becoming sexually intimate, you will need to disclose your HIV positive status to them. It can put a feeling of nerves and dread over every interaction you have leading up to that and could even rob you of the exciting experience that is online dating.

Fortunately, there are websites geared toward people who are HIV positive and looking to meet new people. These sites, by design, make it clear the HIV status of all of the users on the site, so you can go into it without the looming fear of having to disclose your status in the future. Instead, both parties can operate under the knowledge that this is already going to be a part of your potential future together and simply move on from there. Then, you can enjoy fixating on those more basic questions that standard dating sites ask with none of the heaviness.

At, we are dedicated to helping you find the best HIV dating sites on the web. Just because a person is living with HIV does not mean they should be lonely, and by using our site, you'll be able to find the best site that meets your specific needs as an HIV positive person, so you can find a new partner without any of the hang-ups surrounding your status.